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Grow your betting market with our bookie software that has triple server redundancy. This way, your business is guaranteed to be up and running 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. With this reliability, you can focus on growing your business without worrying about technical issues.




Be aware of how your customers play. Be notified of any activity regarding bets placed on the same line to take advantage of the points left in the middle.


Lines change during the day. With sufficient knowledge, professional bettors can take advantage of this changes. Our system will notify you of such activity.

Wise / Sharp

We want for fun players. Not for profit players. With our reports, you will be able to root out players that are more than just having fun.

Betting Patterns

over under

Over / Unders

Identify this and other noteworthy betting patterns. With our platform, the house will be able to protect itself from this practices.
betting patterns wise


There is a lot of information out there. Players can use it to gain some edge over the house. Single-out this type of players with help from our reports.
betting patterns steam


There are tools and apps that give out information regarding line changes and when to place your bet. This software will identify and target players taking advantage of big line movements.

Shade Group Creations



You will have full control of what your customers have access to. Take out specific leagues, sports or types of bets. No teasers for this player? We got you!


We pride ourselves on taking care of our customers. With your profiles created, our experienced staff will recommend you the best way to go when it comes to dealing with a winning streak.
live managements

Live Managements

A difficult customer that always beats the line? With our live management, you will have the full experience of our staff with you. Live line management is offered whenever it is needed.

Profile & Limits

live casino

Live Casino

Live Casino is a must. Manage how much you want your customers to be able to win and lose over the day and week. Raise their hand limit or give them access to new and exciting games.
live betting

Live Betting

Fast-paced environment that gives the house a great edge. Manage how and what your customers can bet on. Limit their line range and access to different leagues.


Our state of the art software offers the sharpest lines in the industry. Limit their max wager depending on the league they are trying to play. Set early limits or disappearing lines when the odds reach a specific number. Fully customizable and adaptable to your specific needs.

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    Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail.

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